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Ferments for dairy industry

Industrial Bioreactors dairy industry

This system is used for the production of ferments for dairy industry, using the following microorganisms: Lactococcuslactis, Streptococcus thermophilus and Candida strains.

The line consists of seeding-fermenter with working volume of 10 and 100 liters and one production fermenter with working volume of 1000 liters; 100, 150 and 1000 l vessels intended for medium preparation, as well as aseptic technological solution and product storage. All fermenters are connected in a technological line via pipelines to ensure cleaning and sterilization with CIP/SIP equipment. Technological line cleaning is performed with two mobile CIP devices. Data collection, processing and documentation is performed with a help of SCADA software, which can be installed on a user’s computer.

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