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Enzymes and proteins from Pichia pastoris

Pichia pastoris industrial bioreactor

This bioreactor line is for the cultivation of Pichia pastoris to manufacture enzymes and proteins.
The system is fully closed and automated, consisting of following key elements:

  1. 50, 500 and 2×5000 litre bioreactors (total volumes);

  2. Stationary CIP/SIP for automated cleaning and sterilization of bioreactors, reactors and
    connecting pipelines;

  3. Circulation sterilizer for sterilization of substrate;

  4. Feeding reactors for glycerol and methanol;

  5. Connecting heat-insulated pipelines and the group of pneumatically controlled membrane valves.

The following parameters in bioreactors are controlled:

  • temperature;

  • pH;

  • DO;

  • overpressure;

  • hydrostatic pressure;

  • level;

  • methanol concentration;

  • foaming.

The central cascade control system includes SCADA
developed in compliance with the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.

Pichia pastoris industrial bioreactor
Pichia pastoris industrial bioreactor
Pichia pastoris industrial bioreactor line
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