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Technological skid for new and used bioreactors


The technological skid is used to transform new and used stainless steel vessels into bioreactors.

This skid is easy to connect with your bioreactor vessel.


The system includes

  • pipelines,

  • valves

  • filters

  • sensors

  • control cabinet to ensure fully automated sterilization and fermentation processes

This product is intended for manufacturers of stainless steel vessels and users in need to update their fermentation equipment, because stainless steel has a much longer service life than the automation parts. 

Technological skid is connected with control cabinet which ensures the following fully automated processes:

  • Pressure Hold test

  • Filter sterilization

  • Vessel sterilization with filters

  • Fermentation

  • Temperature maintenance

  • Filter blow

Tech skid paraugs.jpg

Control cabinet is made from stainless steel (RITTAL, Germany) and includes the following elements:

  • PLC Siemens Simatic series S7-1500;

  • Touch screen display (9.7”);

  • Transmitters of signals of pH and pO2 sensors;

  • Magnetic starters and another automatic and communication element;

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS);

  • Power supply 24 V;

  • Modules for communication via networks of Ethernet and Profinet.

  • Emergency stop button


In the basic version the following parameters are controlled:

  • Temperature;

  • рН;

  • рО2, according to the cascade control principle;

  • Stirrer rotation speed;

  • Mass flow control (air, oxygen)

  • Foam;

  • Dispersing and harvesting (manual control);

  • Substrate feeding according to the adjusted profiles.

PLC can be connected to network of Profinet and Ethernet for communication with other devices (bioreactors, CIP/SIP, SCADA etc.). Profibus connection to LAN or WAN. MODBUS protocol via TCI/IP

The design of all parts can be customized, and selected brands can be adapted depending on requirements.

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