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Bioprocess automation

Bioreactor automation
bioprocess bioreactor automation panel

We carry out customer specialized automation projects for biotechnology related and other industrial processes. Both our company manufactured bioreactor production lines, and production lines from other manufacturers can be automated. We have a expierence by developing of process controllers for other manufacturers of bioreactors. Remote system control via Internet can be applied.   Implementation of specialized SCADA versions according to the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 (US Food and Drugs Administration requirements) is also possible.

We carry out the whole cycle of work that is required for turnkey projects of complex automated systems:

  • Development of project documentation: electrical (circuit diagrams, wiring etc.) and programming (control algorithms design, user interface descriptions, etc.);

  • Programming of  industrial controllers (PLCs) and visualization systems (SCADA);

  • Mounting of control cabinets;

  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing);

  • Installation and cabling of the control cabinets and electrical equipment at site;

  • SAT (Site acceptance testing);

  • Start-up operations;

  • Staff training.

We have experience in working with different brands and types of industrial controllers and visualization systems.

A) Controllers (PLC) 

  • Siemens Simatic S7, Pcs7;

  • General Electric – Series 90, Versa Max;

  • Schneider Electric – Modicon, Twido;

  • BTC – BIO3;

  • Mitsubishi Electric – Fx series;

  • VIPA – Speed 7 and other;

  • FATEK – FBs series.

B) Visualization systems (SCADA): 

  • Siemens – WinCC;

  • General Electric – Cimplicity;

  • ARC Informatique – PcVue, Plant Vue;

  • Beijer – Citect.

Our company is a certified partner of Siemens and is authorized to use the name “Siemens Partner Automation”.

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