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5L Laboratory scale photobioreactor

5L photobioreactor

Photobioreactor PBR-5.4 is an autoclavable glass / stainless steel photobioreactor with vessel volume of 6.2 L (working volume 2 – 4.5 L, inner diameter – 150 mm).

Laboratory bioreactor PBR-5.4 is devised for precise phototrophic cultivation of algae and cyanobacteria.

Bioprocess controller BIO-4

In the bioprocess controller BIO-4 are included: colored 5.6” touch screen interface display, thermostat, peristaltic pumps, LED cover, illumination control, air and СO2 gas supply unit.

Bioprocess controller BIO-4 ensures:

  • Control of pH, pO2, illumination (LED) intensity, temperature, foam and culture level

  • Display of the process data (temperature, pH, pO2, illumination intensity etc.)

  • CO2 supply via automatic pH control or manual CO2 gas flow rate control

  • Illumination intensity control – 0 to 100% (0 to 1500 µmol/m2/s)

  • Control of the illumination intensity as a time dependent profile program

  • Illumination day/night cycles

  • Remote control of the experiment via internet, real time data acquisition and plotting (SCADA Control System)

  • Thermoregulation (is carried out trough double wall bottom (jacket), with thermo-stating water circulation)

  • Both static and day/night temperature control is possible

  • Mixing (provided by mixer consisting of 2 propeller type turbines devised for shear sensitive microorganism cultivation

  • Addition of various substances (provided by peristaltic pumps for hemostat cultivation mode and fed-batch control (fed-batch control constant or pulse).

Extension and option possibilities

Gas mixing using mass flow controllers Hamilton ARC pH and DO sensors. These sensors send 4-20 mA signals directly to PLC and ensure at the same time information management via Bluetooth in smartphones or PC installed programs. This program generates a report about all calibration procedures, sterilization numbers, predicted service life.

Connection of additional sensors: culture turbidity (optical density), culture permittivity (viable cell density), conductivity, methanol/ethanol, off-gas analysis (O2, CO2, CH4), etc.

On-line/off-line data analysis and advanced process control possibilities using PC implemented program (Matlab, Python) algorithms communicating to process control system (PLC and SCADA).

5L laboratory bioreactor coupling magnetic

Novel magnetic coupling drive to improve sterility and retain sterility throughout the fermentation process


Reliable and adaptable Siemens Simatic S7-1500 based PLC to control the bioprocesses and maintain life in the reactor

5L bioreactor interface
5L bioreactor SCADA

Fed-batch according adjusted profiles

Fed-batch according adjusted profiles

5L bioreactor top lid
5L bioreactor condenser

Collapsible condenser allows decrease the height during autoclaving


Jacketed metallic bottom and bottom placed sterilizable sampler creates easy and robust operational conditions





Total volume (L) 6.2

Working volume (L) 2 – 4,5

Inside diameter/Inside height (mm) 150/350

Aeration, mixing

Controls - Rotameter, TMFC (optional)


Air, + O2 (optional) or Air / CO2, + O2, N2 (optional) Air / CO2 in excess space

Range, l / min

0.5 – 10


Ring Bubbler


D51 mm 0.2 μm PTFE

Off-gas condenser

Water cooling

Drive unit type

Top placed magnetic drive

Mixer rotation speed (rpm)

40 - 1000


Two standard Rushton turbines or  Stirrers with inclined "propeller" blades


Siemens Simatic S7-1500

Control Panel

Touch Screen Weintek eM3070, 5,7” TFT


Control limits: from 5°C above cooling water up to 70 °C Measurement accuracy +/- 0.1 °C and control accuracy +/- 0.2 °C


Hamilton or Mettler Toledo sensor. Acid/Alkali 2-12 +/- 0.01 pH units


Hamilton or Mettler Toledo sensor. Stir control + О2 (optional). 0-150% +/- 1% or Hamilton or Mettler Toledo sensor. Stir control + gas mixtures (optional).


Conductivity sensor


0.05-50 ml/min according to the set profile

Peristaltic pumps

4 built-in variable speed pumps. Additional pumps (optional)


Overall dimensions of the bioreactor (mm) 930(W) х 800(H) х 600(D)

No welded lid components – ideal for cleaning and sterility

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