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15L Bioreactor

15 Liter bioreactor.jpg

The EDF-15.5 is an autoclavable glass bioreactor with a working volume of up to 11 liters (total volume
16 L, inside diameter 200 mm).

The EDF-15.5 Laboratory bioreactor has two versions:
EDF-15.5-DB-MO for cultivation of bacteria, yeasts and mycelial cultures
EDF-15.5-DB-CC for the cultivation of mammalian and plant cells.
The EDF-15.5 vessel has a compact, ergonomic and robust design. The glass cylinder vessel is mounted between the upper lid and the metallic jacketed bottom. The design of the bioreactor is easy to maintain and apply basic operations and preparatory process, in particular washing and autoclaving.

magnetic mixer bioreactor 15L

The novel magnetic coupling drive to improve sterility and retain sterility throughout the fermentation process

Comparative advantages:

  • Novel magnetic drive improves the sterility and ensures intensive mixing  conditions

  • Siemens Simatic S7-1500 based control and 15” operator panel create  high standard of process supervision , ensures remote service of software, and hardware service from local Siemens representative

  • User friendly operator panel with many additional possibilities as marking of sampling and induction time and volume, operator action journal and creating, selecting, saving and editing of recipes

  • The possibility to select two different design vessels

  • Autoclavable sampling device at the bottom facilitate the operational activities during a process

  • No welded components in lid create ideal cleaning and sterility conditions

  • Collapsible condenser allows to decrease the height of vessel during autoclaving

  • NEW! Overpressure automatic control allows to keep pressure in overlay for better mass transfer and sterility

  • NEW! On-line measuring of oxygen mass transfer coefficient kLa gives the possibility for operative monitoring of process performance

  • Built-in inlet gas pressure reductors and quick connectors of thermostating/cooling water ensures easy preparation for fermentations

  • Wide fed-batch configuration options allow to achieve high biomass and product densities

bioreactor siemens simatic

Reliable and adaptable Siemens Simatic S7-1500 based PLC to control the bioprocesses and maintain life in the reactor


Fed-batch according to adjusted profiles

15L bioreactor condenser

Collapsible condenser allows decrease the height during autoclaving

15L bioreactor double bottom

Jacketed metallic bottom and bottom placed sterilizable sampler creates easy and robust operational conditions

15L bioreactor top lid

No welded lid components – ideal for cleaning and sterility


Fed-batch according to adjusted profiles

Technical specifications

To specify reactor design and price please contact us:

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